Culture & Values


The Dudentis holds its ascendancy in the countries where it operates , believing his story of success is due in large measure to the spirit of togetherness and the strong sense of team that lives in the company as well as the high quality and innovation of materials it sells.


Work values ​​, discipline, rigor , transparency , equal opportunities and competence are the company a favorable environment for their development . The management is geared to respond to immediate challenges and customer satisfaction in the first row.

The company aims to innovate so that values ​​knowledge and effort in the incessant demand for new and increasingly better solutions to meet the needs and expectations of those who can relate .

This motivation for constant innovation and pioneering spirit is an integral part of the management culture of the company ,

The way the company being in business is characterized by rigor that immediately puts the definition and implementation of their strategic plans . Transparency is embodied in the interests of their clients and the evaluation and career development of its employees .